Have you ever calculated how much time you spend in an office chair? Statistics show that most of us spend more time in our workplaces than at home. This means that we spend most of our lives in office chairs. Therefore, we must choose office chairs that are not only comfortable but also allow us to sit in a position where we can be the most productive.

The chair you have chosen should also fit well into your office. It should go well with other office furniture. Try to imagine the furniture in your office with well-washed windows. Does it fit well?

Well, it is important to note that in comfortable conditions employees are more productive. This is partly due to the fact that a comfortable office chair reduces the number of breaks in work, which the employee will leave because of the inconvenience.


A good office chair should keep you in a healthy position so that the hours you spend in it are more productive. Most workers spend most of their working time walking in the corridors because of bad furniture. It is much more profitable to invest in quality furniture and provide comfort to your colleagues than to ignore the quality of furniture.

It is extremely important to choose a chair that has good back support. This will help reduce the tension on the spine. Some office chairs are equipped with adjustable support for the lower back so that the user can sit well.


Almost all office furniture has a wheelbase, but if the floor in the office is covered with carpet, it is necessary to have wheels specifically designed for carpeting.

To prevent carpet deformations or scratches on the parquet, which may arise from trying to get to the table to find items that may be out of reach, it is extremely important to have rubberized rollers or special flooring.


The overall layout of all office furniture should describe your company or organization. Having a comfortable office chair for your employees will allow them to work productively, avoiding problems associated with poor posture. With good and comfortable furniture your employees will be less likely to go to the hospital for health reasons, production will significantly improve. Although office chairs, covered with leather or eco-skin and look more attractive, it is still recommended for the office to buy chairs covered with cloth or mesh.

Like all other office items, chairs must be clean and maintained in good condition so that they can play an active role in improving the company's productivity. Repair an office chair that needs to be repaired before it's too late. It is not good to have a noisy or swaying chair in your office.


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