We've been selling office chairs for 10 years. During this time we learned a lot about the products for sitting - normal chairs, knee and saddles. Lately, we are often asked about one more thing. Why would someone choose to buy a play chair instead of an office chair? The answer is not always simple.

Source: BTODmaterials, our test drives.

Game chairs offer something other than standard ergonomic chairs.

You definitely give up quality assembly, comfort and ergonomics, leaving with a playing chair. We will tell you what a gaming chair is and what problems accompany it in 2020. You need to make sure you cover all aspects of the seating and find out what you're losing compared to the usual ergonomic office chair.


Any handy computer chair is suitable for gaming. But there is a big difference in the market between a chair in which to play and a playing chair. Gamer's chairs have occupied a unique niche.

A gamer or a game chair is a chair with a bucket-shaped seat in a bright racing style.

Typical gamer's seat characteristics

  • Racing-style bucket seat
  • Multi-colored design with logo
  • The full angle of the back
  • Basic simplified mechanism
  • Cheap vinyl upholstery
  • Relatively limited range of motion
  • Large import mark-up compared to office chair
  • Short warranty period



The first problem is to fall on the customer. It's a question of what I'm paying for. Unrealistic expectations about prices for goods - this is a normal entangled in our communication with customers. Especially if they are not familiar with the specifics of the market and did not sit in the desired chairs live. But with game chairs, utopian representations are most pronounced.

We expect too much from the gaming chairs. People think that paying $300 for a gaming chair - they will get one of the best seats. It's not practical. $300 in the world of office chairs - guarantee you only a mid-sized and lower quality seat.

Doesn't mean $300 is a small amount. Just in the $300 office seat market - close to the average budget. The best way to explain this is to buy a car. But if you come out with $10,000 to buy a new car, you don't get a top-class car.


  • Budget office seats cost $300 or less
  • Mid-range seats cost between $300 and $700
  • $700 chairs are generally considered upscale, super ergonomic
  • The best seats in the world cost from $1,000. All that is more expensive - an indicator of brand self-esteem, designer mark-ups, cost of innovation, etc.

Why are we going to write a separate article like this? Just remember this when buying a gaming chair. And add up a real idea of what to expect in different price categories.  


The design of the bucket with side wickets is the first significant drawback of game chairs. This design was used on gaming armchairs because the first ones were designed for racing games. The design of the chair, which simulates a car seat, just immerses in the process. Racing chairs hold drivers in place when turning fast. The bucket seat and the pronounced side rollers serve an important purpose. They do not let the fuss in the car and allow you to focus on driving.

  • Such a simulated design makes sense for a racing simulator and racing games in the arcade-style. But the design does not serve a functional purpose for the computer, game consoles or sedentary work.


Side rollers on the playing chair - a serious obstacle. The first problem is the rollers on the seat. Side rollers are sometimes made of metal and usually have a small amount of padding. They are inconvenient if you do not have foot support. In addition, most of the seats of gamer seats are quite narrow. And limit people not fragile complexion side inserts under the armrests.

  • Many gamers like to be in a relaxed position on the playing chair, but a bucket-shaped seat with side supports fixes you in a specific static position. And we know that half an hour of static is already stressful for the body.

But if the rollers on the seat - limit comfortable positions, then VALIKI ON THE BACK - TEST FOR YOUR WORLD. The specifics of the problem are the same, but here it affects the position of the shoulders. Gamer chairs with side linings push them forward, which is inconvenient with long-term use.

In addition, almost always the padding is made of a skin substitute - and it guarantees the heating of muscles and tissues and cracks after a year.


If you look closely at the mass market - most game chairs have narrow sizes and weight up to 15 kilograms. Game chairs with 100-kilogram (and below) maximum load are quite common. Chairs with high weight are less common and more expensive.

  • Narrow design in combination with side inserts - limit the size of a person who can comfortably use a playing chair. Almost every game chair we've tested is for small people.


Almost all seats for gamers are equipped with a basic mechanism. The mechanism is a metal part attached to the bottom of your chair that allows your chair to perform functions such as adjusting the height of the seat. The simplest, cheapest mechanism is called a turning-sloping or central-slanted mechanism. Usually, they are bought ready-made. For true ergonomic chairs, each manufacturer develops its own solutions.

  • THE WORK MECHANISM of tilt works like a rocking chair - from a point under the centre. The reason it is considered low-quality is that the design lifts the knees and lifts the legs off the floor when the person reclines. Which is completely contrary to ergonomics and generally biomechanics.

In addition, the rotary mechanisms require physical effort to swing. If we compare them to the knee tilt mechanism, we can understand the cause. The knee-tilt mechanism allows the seat to move along the trajectory of your knees. Because most of your body weight is at the turning point, it takes much less physical effort to pull back. So you achieve the global balance and can work in intuitive dynamics - without fixation.

Слева - поворотный механизм. Справа - синхронный механизм коленного наклона с регулировкой жесткости качания.

Lack of cheap mechanisms and in the poor adjustment of spring tension underweight. Over time, it is not at all palpable. And either requires a lot of effort to tilt or - you "fall" instead of swinging. All this will leave you with a chair that should swing back and forth but not swing.


Gamer chairs are created from inexpensive parts in factories with unskilled labor and multidisciplinary furniture factories. Most chairs are supplied from China, regardless of which country is a registered trademark.  

That's why the game chairs look the same. Sometimes it is so that it seems as if one Chinese factory has done everything and renamed the models of different colors. But it's not true. There are hundreds of plants. It's just that the market is oversaturated with the same things in this particular segment.

  • Almost all such chairs are made of inexpensive plastic. NAME - from plywood (tree). And even the metal and moving parts do not promise strength due to the non-strict standards of testing the gamer's chair. With THE UPIVE the same - American mesh, Scandinavian fabric or German alternative leather - it is at least 30% of the price of an office chair. So a good way to cut costs is to cover the chair with cheap vinyl. But the budget vinyl is not easy to crack a year after the battery, but also heats our muscles and woven, which is very unhealthy.

It's the same with PENOY. In good chairs, the foam forms an anatomical shape on the seat (along with other air and spring materials) and preserves it for decades. Gamer's chairs lose it quickly, and the shape rarely provides for the correct distribution of weight.

Attention to detail, craftsmanship and reputation is something that is not included in the cost of a seat for gamers. Curved logos, uneven stitching and dirty upholstery are often mentioned in negative reviews of gamer chairs. And what we see in stores - quite responds to them.


Now it turns out that most of the cost of the chair you spent on the exterior. Any logos or embroidered words increase costs. It's the same with multi-colored gamer chairs. Using different colors, textures and patterns are always more expensive to manufacture. You paid to make the chair look like a race car chair. But without real functionality, all these differences are not beneficial to you in terms of comfort or good posture.

And the lower the price of the chair, the more it is noticeable. If you pay $50 for a logo on a chair for $500 - the difference in price is small. But $50 for a logo on a chair for $150 is already a third of its cost. This leaves little room for the chair itself.

What else do you pay for instead of a good mechanism? Manufacturers of gamer seats make a lot of efforts to make the packaging of their chairs look as cool as the color design. But often instead of real quality you only get the impression of it.


The lumbar support on the game chairs is a pillow on the back. The pillow is held with a pair of belts to move it vertically. It is used for the same reason as light gas lifts - to save on assembly. The seats for gamers do not have built-in support in the back and anatomical bend in the frame.

  • The flat back and lack of mechanical support systems of the lower back drastically reduce costs. But replacing the pillow with lumbar support is not effective at all. Especially since the belts are not as reliable as we would like and slide with every move.

It is impossible to fill the pillow with foam so that everyone was happy. It will always be too soft for some or too stiff for others. That's why the ergonomic chairs of good quality have adjustable lumbar systems and pronounced bends on the back (photo right). The adjustable engineering system allows the chair to adapt to the person. The pillow forces the person to adapt to the chair and does not guarantee a healthy natural bend of the lower back during a long sitting.


The warranty on the seats for gamers usually lasts two years or less. In the world of office seats, the two-year warranty is one of the shortest warranty periods.

  • The guarantee is a great indicator of quality. For mid-quality office seats, the warranty period is from 5 years and can exclude some parts. For high-ergonomic seats, manufacturers offer a comprehensive warranty of 10 years and above, and sometimes even at all - mechanisms with a lifetime warranty.


From basic mechanisms to static headrests and armrests, gamer seats are limited in the number of personal settings.

  • The design of the bucket-shaped seat is a priori fixed seat and back.

The armrests are a prime example of the difference between a gamer's chair and an ergonomic chair. Here as well as with the waist - you adjust to the chair, not the other way around.


The last global problem of game chairs is static, limited movement.

Over the past twenty years, the production of office furniture has undergone a major change. Everyone is working to turn on more traffic in the workday. To make furniture easily adjusted to the needs of the office.

The more we learn about long sitting, the more we discover how this experience affects our health and mood. We have seen the demand for such things as height-adjusted desks, active seating, modular brackets for laptops and tablets, adjustable footrests, furniture-designer. Modern furniture moves and changes to the demands of your day. And game chairs - as if left somewhere in the 90s.

  • Flexible arm frames, mesh upholstery and dynamic mechanisms of ergonomic chairs every minute forces you to move and at the same time react to movement - constantly supporting. Chairs for gamers - take away this opportunity.

The design of the racing seats is the opposite of the creative process. The design of the bucket seat keeps you in one position. The frame is rigid, and the side rollers fix in static. You can play like this for half an hour. But please don't work for them.


Gamer chairs have their place and serve a purpose. Looking for a seat of a sporty kind or landing for a specific game system - choose among gamers. They look cool and pretty unique. And also allow you to cheaply beat the seat with the logo of the brand or team.

But for universal use, the same amount is more profitable to invest in an office chair. As a rule, it will be better assembled and with a greater guarantee. Ergonomic chairs are more likely to fit under yourself and provide posture control.


  1. What you get for a specific price
  2. What is better in the game chair, and in what - functionality is not enough
And then - TEST MULTI OF THEM. Compare the worst and best in each category. After all, now you know the shortcomings of the game chairs and will be able to ask the seller the right questions.


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